FMS Eagle Eye 2000

Your Eyes on the Road

Have you ever wondered what happens in your fleet while it is on the road? FMS Tech knows your constant need for information on what’s happening in your vehicles before, during, and after its activities. The FMS-Tech Eagle Eye 2000 is here to provide you with real-time video surveillance inside and outside your vehicles. This device is the latest advancement in in-vehicle technology that can identify misconduct, keep drivers and passengers safe, and ensure all health and safety policies are followed.

Designed Specifically for Vehicle Video Surveillance

The FMS Eagle Eye Camera System is a four-channel digital video recorder system designed specifically for car video surveillance. It uses an embedded processor and operating system along with 3G GSM WiFi router and the latest technology in the market today including; audio and video compression / decompression, large capacity SD card recording, high intelligence and high stability.

The Automated In-Cabin Safety Manager

The in-cabin security uses Sony 1/3 12 infrared light camera that provides high-quality recording, live streaming, captures photo of driver for verification and violation recording purposes, video playback for heightened security, and wired or wireless camera options. It records and stores information locally on the device storage then sends it to the control room through an event-triggered video feed.

View Your Vehicle’s INTERNAL & EXTERNAL Environment from Anywhere in the World

The Eagle Eye serves as your eyes while your fleets are on the move. This helps you monitor not only the status of the external environment where the vehicles are, but also its internal environment—which means, you can also see what’s happening inside the car. This will also encourage and motivate the driver to focus more on proper driving.

Know the Real Reasons for Violations. Know Immediately of Theft or Attempted Theft.

Sleepy Driver

Theft or Attempted Theft

Using Smartphones While Driving

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Know Exactly What Happened BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER the Accident

The video footage from the Eagle Eye also plays an important role when there is a need to investigate an accident, or if your fleet is involved in a road mishap. It would give you details on what transpired before, during, and after the accident, and help you understand why it happened.

FMS-Tech is proud to introduce this to the world and is looking forward to implementing this solution in more fleets towards a safer road in the future!